Thursday 22 September 2016

Workshop - Dr. Sue Wilson

Peak Performance Master Class
Dr. Vietta Sue Wilson
2-day Workshop
25 April | 26 April

In this 2-day sports master class, Dr. Wilson shares a wealth of knowledge and experience garnered over her career in sport psychology.

Dr. Wilson will focus on the commonalities of having to perform when under pressure - be it a critical decision at work, a competitive event or a life challenge.  She will review the basic psychophysiological assessment and transfer skills she has acquired across a lifetime that have been applied to Olympic champions, business executives, counselling clients and individuals facing terminal cancer, such as:

  • What attitude (of the coach and client) is most productive? 
  • What psychophysiological modality has the most impact (emg, eda, hr, hrv, temperature)? 
  • What brain state is most disruptive or facilitative of performance: focus, anxiety, busy brain? 
  • What coaching style and practical skills beyond your office can benefit your clients? 

She will introduce three daily practice skills (think, breathe, image) and will discuss simple takeaways from helping people perform.  In addition, some of the 'miracle cures' and 'fabulous flops' will be shared.

About Sue Wilson, PhD
BCIA Senior Fellow (biofeedback, neurofeedback) Senior Scholar, York University, Toronto,Canada

Sue Wilson is a world renowned Performance Enhancement Specialist considered by many to be the "grandmother" of biofeedback in sport. She has dedicated much of her career to researching the connection between stress and its effect on physical health and mental performance.  Her acknowledged expertise is in the teaching of brief skills, validated by psychophysiology,  to allow individuals to perform to their capabilities.

Sue Wilson is a retired professor from York University with a Lifetime Achievement award from the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe. Her teaching and research was in sport psychology and learned self-regulation. Sue has worked with top executives and over 50 world or Olympic athletes from 1976 to Rio 2016. The software and training courses she developed for the BFE's Optimizing Performance and Health Suite are distributed worldwide. She also does mentoring for other biofeedback based clinicians.  Sue is currently providing mental training for Canada's Paralympic archers as well as two tennis clubs and individual athletes from gymnastics to hockey to figure skating.


  1. I am m.n.vishwanath from India, a practising sport psychology coach. I own the PROCOMP 5 INFINITI and I wish to attend the two day workshop by Sue Vietta Wilson on Sports master class. I wish to know the exact dates of this workshop, I don't intend to attend the whole conference.I am told the fee for this workshop is Retail- 390 EURO and Discounted price before 15 December is 275 Euro. I want to know what you mean by Retail[ fee]. Can I attend only this workshop exclusively since I am from sports back ground OR do I need to attend other workshop's/conference.

  2. Dear Dr. Viswanath,
    Please accept our apologies for missing you inquiry. You can register for the sports workshop with Dr. Sue Wilson without having to register for the full conference. The dates are now posted and Dr. Wilson's workshop will take place on April 25-26, 2017. As for the price, by retail we mean the regular (non-discounted) price. If you wish to register, please contact us at so that we can arrange for you to register at the now expired early registration rate of 275 euros.

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